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Share some HCNP-R&S H12-222-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following descriptions about agile controller business accompanying is correct? (Multiple choice)
A. When the administrator configure the business accompanying, should select the appropriate user authentication point and policy enforcement point.
B. In the business accompanying, can define the user class security group, this part of the security group members mainly refers to the network of a static network segment or server resources, their IP needs to manually set up a binding with the security group.
C. In the business accompanying, through a matrix relationship to describe a security group (such as users) to another security group (such as server) access rights relationship.
D. In the business accompanying, by specifying the forwarding priority of the security group to which some VIP users belong to guarantee the user’s network using experience.
Answer: ACD

In the inter-domain packet filtering, which of the following options belong to the outbound direction?
A. trust -> untrust
B. untrust -> trust
C. untrust -> dmz
D. trust -> local
Answer: A

Which of the following is included in the main features of the stateful inspection firewall?
A. Processing speed is slow
B. Follow-up packet processing performance is excellent
C. Only the network layer can be detected
D. Perform packet filtering detection for each packet
Answer: B

Which description about MAC address spoofing attack is not correct?
A. MAC address spoofing attack mainly uses the switch MAC address learning mechanism.
B. Attacker can through counterfeit source MAC address data frame send to switch to implement MAC address spoofing attack.
C. MAC address spoofing attack will cause the switch learn the wrong mapping relation between MAC address and IP address.
D. MAC address spoofing attacks will lead to the switch to be sent to the correct destination of the data is sent to the attacker.
Answer: C

In order to avoid TCP global synchronization phenomenon, which of the following congestion avoidance mechanisms are available to use?
C. Tail-Drop
Answer: AB

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