Updated 70-774 Perform Cloud Data Science actual exam dumps

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Share some MCSA 70-774 exam questions and answers below.
You have the following three training datasets for a restaurant:
* User Feature
* Item feature
* Ratings of items by users
You must recommend restaurants to a particular user based only on the users features.
You need to use a Matchbox Recommender to make recommendations.
How many input parameters should you specify?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: D

You need to remove rows that have an empty value in a specific column. The solution must use a native module. Which module should you use?
A. Execute Python Script
B. Tune Model Hyperparameters
C. Normalize Data
D. Select Columns in Dataset
E. Import Data
F. Edit Metadata
G. Clip Values
H. Clean Missing Data
Answer: H

You have a dataset that contains a column named Column1. Column1 is empty.You need to omit Column1 from the dataset. The solution must use a native module. Which module should you use?
A. Clip Values
B. Edit Metadata
C. Import Data
D. Normalize Data
E. Execute Python Script
F. Select columns in dataset
G. Tune Model Hyperparamters
H. Clean Missing data
Answer: F

You are building an Azure Machine Learning workflow by using Azure Machine Learning Studio.You create an Azure notebook that supports the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit.You need to ensure that the stochastic gradient descent (SGO) configuration maximizes the samples per second and supports parallel modeling that is managed by a parameter server. Which SGD algorithm should you use?
A. DataParallelASGD
B. DataParallelSGD
C. ModelAveragingSGD
D. BlockMomentumSGD
Answer: B

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